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7 Reasons why outsourcing health and safety is a good idea

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Many companies already enjoy the benefits of outsourcing health and safety management. If it is something you are considering for your business, you may be wondering just what these benefits are.

1 Reduced cost

No matter what kind of economic climate you are operating in, keeping a close eye on overheads and costs is critical. It may be counter-intuitive to add another overhead to your operating costs, but outsourcing health and safety saves you money in the long run.

To comply with the Health and Safety Act 1974, your company must have a nominated person who ensures that your business is fully compliant with all health and safety rules and this compliance is ongoing. Hiring someone, training them and so on to specifically complete this task is a cost that is far higher than hiring a consultancy, like Harris SM&T, to do it.

2 Increased efficiency

From company policies to letter and procedures, there is a lot involved in health and safety compliance – or it can feel like it when you do it all yourself. With the expertise of a professional consultancy, we have the experience to create and modify as needed all existing documents, saving you time internally to concentrate on other important issues – like running your business!

3 Greater flexibility

Outsourcing health and safety is part and parcel of an ongoing relationship between your company and your chosen consultancy. And this means that should an issue arise, or you have a concern that needs addressing, you call your supporting consultancy who will deal with the problem quickly, and without hassle or fuss. And this aspect of the relationship is important because you cannot afford not to be compliant at any point with health and safety regulations.

4 Reduces risk

Non-compliance means larger fines, as well as damage to your reputation and business. Can you afford this? Outsourcing health and safety means that you reduce the risk of legal and financial implications of not operating within health and safety law.

5 The bigger picture

Sometimes, being too close to something means we can’t see the whole picture. And even when we can, it pays to have a fresh, objective overview.

6 Great for business!

From staff recruitment to giving off all the right signals to partners, customers and competitors, outsourcing health and safety is a means of investing in your company that speaks volumes. It shows you have value, worth and integrity, three factors that set you apart from other businesses in the marketplace. In fact, when it comes to staff and their confidence in the company, understanding that their health and well-being is a priority is important to them.

7 Free up internal resources

Health and safety can be cumbersome, especially if it seems to be tying up people and resources to deal. With this in mind, why not enjoy the peace of mind of outsourcing health and safety management and compliance to Harris SM&T a sector-leading company not just in H&S compliance but ISO and more.

How can we help you?

If you’re in need of assistance with any aspect of ISO or GDPR compliance, here at Harris SM&T we’d be delighted to help. Whether you have questions about the path to compliance or are looking for advice and support to maintain compliance, call 

703-621-2118 or Email  and we’ll be happy to talk it over with you.

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