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The HARRIS Commitment


"Our mission is to enable people, businesses, and communities to build cultures of safety through knowledge, education, and training. We deliver on that commitment by striving to build strong relationships with EVERY client, while providing high-quality services that are accessible and affordable for ALL."


HARRIS Safety Management & Training substantiates its vision of being the “best” provider of safety services by working with only the best safety professionals. Many of our personnel possess safety related degrees, certifications and many years of experience. Because our people are our product, we continually strive to improve our safety advisors knowledge and credentials by way of personal and professional growth funded through the company for continuing education, certifications, and training. Since your focus is manufacturing, insurance, constructing buildings, generating electricity or one of many other disciplines, there is no reason, nor is it financially feasible, to recruit, hire, manage, or train a safety staff with no guarantee of success.


HARRIS Safety Management & Training core business is providing quality safety services and professionals to assist you with minimizing risk and improving your company’s overall safety performance. We can immediately provide one or several proven safety professionals who are supported by a designated management team and operations support staff.

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